Godly Play

Preschool: 3-5 year olds are invited to Godly Play, where they join the Storyteller and enter into stories of our faith, share in wondering, and explore the story through the response of their choice.


Power Xpress

Kindergarten – 3rd graders explore the scriptures in many ways through various Stations: Storytelling, Cooking, Science, Art, and Games. They will spend several weeks on a specific theme or Bible Story, experiencing it in many ways. This group also joins in a Mission Project each semester, learning about a need locally or around the world, and responding.

Godly Play

4th-6th graders return to Godly Play, with an expanded set of stories. They explore individuals from the Old and New Testaments, and may respond by creating their own stories. They are very ready to grapple with questions about God and their own faith experiences, making the Wondering time a thoughtful and enriching time together.

Youth Sunday School

Youth in 7th-12th grades gather together and come close to God in a variety of ways. We explore our own faith and identify God’s presence in our lives through Bible Study, Nooma, Godly Play, Louie Giglio DVD’s, and even I Love Lucy!



Sprouts is a discipleship group for 4th-6th graders that meets for 8 week sessions each semester. This group works on Acts of Devotion, Worship, Kindness, and Justice. Over the years our Justice Projects have had life-changing impacts on people all over the world. This group of children works hard, realizing that with God they can indeed make a difference.

Adult Sunday School

To view adult education options, see the Small Groups Catalog.

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