The Sprouts have worked on several Justice Projects, striving to make a difference in the lives of people for more than just a moment.

PET International

PET (Personal Energy Transportation) International seeks to reflect the love of Jesus Christ by bringing the gift of mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk. There are more than 20 million people in developing countries unable to walk, due to disease, accidents with land mines, and other issues. The Sprouts educated our congregation on the Who, What, Why, and Where of PET, raising enough money to provide a PET to 41 people.

Hippo Water Roller

The Hippo Water Roller is a fantastic invention that allows access to clean drinking water in countries where water is not easy to come by.  It is able to carry four times the amount of water as a jerry can, saving much time.  It requires far less effort to roll the container along the ground as opposed to carrying it, saving wear and tear on bodies.  Plus, it’s designed to cope with rugged terrain.  The end result is that women and children are empowered and suffering is reduced in areas where the rollers are used.  They cost approximately $100 (US) to produce and ship. Again, the Sprouts learned about the Hippo, where it is used, and why it is needed, and educated our congregation one Sunday morning. They raised close to $10,000, providing 100 families with access to clean, safe drinking water in  a community in Africa.

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