Celebrate Recovery

!!!!!! Thank You !!!!!!

There are over 50 people in this congregation who have actively supported Celebrate Recovery over the three years that we have offered a Saturday night ministry for hurting people. Help in the kitchen, help with the children, help with music, help with serving and cleaning, help with funding, help with prayers, help with leadership. All that help was not wasted. We have Celebrate Recovery graduates helping with CR ministries in other towns and other states, spreading the good news of what Christ has done in their lives, and helping others find that same hope and healing. We have people in our own community who are living fuller, more productive lives, seeking God’s will in their decisions, people who never much thought of God before. This is truly evangelism!

All of you who have helped, all of those who have offered our CR leaders words of encouragement, all of you who have prayed for us, have a share in the joy of these successes! “Well done, good and faithful servants” sayeth the Lord! God is indeed good.

So what next for Celebrate Recovery? We are in a time of rebuilding, re-organizing, and laying the        groundwork to launch Celebrate Recovery again. Whether that happens depends on some factors beyond my control, and I should have more information next month about our comeback plan!

One key to our success will be the ability to recruit new leaders. I anticipate it taking somewhere between 6-18 months before we can successfully re-launch, so at this point, prayerful consideration is all I ask for. Do you have experience with 12 step programs? Or do you have a life story that demonstrates the healing power of Jesus Christ, and an interest in sharing that hope with others? Would you be willing to join us this fall in a 12-step study class? When we launch, I would like to have enough leaders so that each can have a night off once a month. Typically, leaders make a two year commitment to Celebrate Recovery.

In the meantime, if you have hurts, habits, resentments, or any kind of struggle, and you are having trouble making the changes you want to make in your life, consider taking advantage of the other Celebrate Recovery ministries in Fairbanks. They will welcome you with the love of Christ, and help get you started on this life road. They won’t steal you away from FUMC, they will respect confidentiality and anonymity. Ministries are available Friday nights at Zion Lutheran Church and North Pole Worship Center, and Thursday nights at Friends Community Church.

If you have questions, Loretta Cole, David Gerdes, and I are always delighted to talk about Celebrate                Recovery. We all found healing and renewal in our walk with God through the step-study process. It is one of the most effective discipleship tools I have ever experienced, and also a pathway to reconciliation in many cases. God can do amazing things if we open our hearts to him and trust him.

Thank you again for your past support. May God bless you richly!

Liz Gerdes

Celebrate Recovery Ministry Team Leader

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